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Discover the pomodoro timer

Simple and powerful web app to improve your productivity ⚡ Experience the +Concentration +Results effect.

Did you know...

Attention span is the ability to focus on a single task and the higher our concentration, the easier it will be to do it?
Studies have estimated that most have 20 minutes of attention, something more or less depending on each person.

The trick

The trick is to refresh your attention spans, but for that to happen you must be intentionally distracted, you can do better, you can intentionally rest after each concentration interval. 🤯

If you are one of those who spends long periods in front of the computer, you have surely experienced visual fatigue and back pain, breaks will be your allies to reduce these discomforts.

Our relationship with the Pomodoro technique

Good news! There is The Pomodoro Technique that makes use of all these tricks and we have been inspired by it, even so, we have not limited ourselves and we have added a board with to-do lists so that you can better manage your activities. 👌

This is the usage guide, but you can skip it and just get carried away:

  • 1. Add the tasks you want to do
  • 2. Move a task to Doing column and start the timer
  • 3. At the end an alarm will sound to inform you that it is time to rest

Frequently asked questions

Can it be installed on Windows, Mac, Android or Pc?

Pomodoro Timer is a modern web application (PWA) and can be used as a native app, you can download and install using Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers adding it to the home screen on smartphones and from the search bar on Pc.

Is there a scientific basis for the pomodoro technique?

Yeah! we could say that it is natural to be distracted but it is also possible to focus again to be more productive, see here the research Brief diversions vastly improve focus.

What to do during pomodoro breaks?

Try to do activities that do not exhaust you mentally.
Here are 7 ideas for your breaks:

  • Do a little stretching routine
  • Go out and get some sun
  • Listen to one of your favorite songs
  • Prepare yourself a drink
  • Eat a fruit
  • Do breathing exercises
  • Organize your desk