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With Pomodoro Timer Online, you will achieve your goals by staying focused and painless in the process. With Background Music, Custom Timer, To Do List, and Desktop Notifications

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How does it work?

It works like a 20 minute timer on steroids! designed to study or work without procrastinating. Based on Pomodoro Technique, you can keep focused listening to soft music, checking your to do list, customizing the timer, and taking challenges to stay motivated, all with a clean and aesthetic design.

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Who uses the Pomodoro Technique?


The Pomodoro Technique is used by people who need to focus on their activities to achieve certain goals.
Many of your favorite YouTubers, influencers and entrepreneurs are likely to use this technique to be more productive.

If you find yourself easily distracted and procrastinating, this may be your antidote. 💊

The science behind the Pomodoro Technique

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The attention span is the ability to concentrate on a single task, the greater our concentration, the easier it will be for us to do it.
Studies have estimated that this interval lasts approximately 20 minutes.

It is natural to be distracted in search of new information, but it is also possible to focus again by refreshing the attention span. (Study)

Frequently asked questions

How to use the Pomodoro Technique?

In essence these are the steps but consider that times can change and the app helps you in the adoption process. 😉

  1. Make a to-do list and get a timer.
  2. Set the timer for 20 or 25 minutes and focus on one task until the alarm goes off.
  3. Upon completion of the session, check off a pomodoro and record what you completed.
  4. Take a 5 minute break to refresh your concentration.
  5. After 4 pomodoros, take a long 15-minute break.

* This web app was inspired by the technique developed by Francesco Cirillo.